When words are spoken, they are transformed into lingering objects that hang in the air and take up space in a relationship. My art contemplates what happens to these words after they are spoken and fill the space between two people. I am very interested in the intimate conversations between lovers, friends, and families. I am also struck by the things we all think but never say. I use my visual vocabulary to try to come as close as I can to describing the ineffable emotions that are linked to the happiest and most painful moments of my life. It is important for me that the viewer be able to connect on a visceral level to the content of my work. By blurring the line between public and private, my work engages with the emotional baggage the viewer carries with them. I believe it speaks to many universal truths about human beings. We are all very much the same. We share the same fears, joys, pleasures, anxieties, and loves. Even though these works are specific to me and my relationships, they have universal appeal. We all know what it feels like to be vulnerable. It is important for me to make work that reveals my own vulnerability I believe it is in these moments that I am able to connect with the viewer. It helps us to feel a little less alone when we know the other people feel the same way and have similar problems and concerns; it speaks to our humanity.

Angela Drakeford

Angela Drakeford



Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Spring 2009

Honors: Magna Cum Laude

GPA: 3.821

Selected Exhibitions

OAA Presents: The Members Only Show, 2007 (Salon Aura, Omaha, NE)

OAA Presents: The Snip Show, 2007 (The Bemis Underground, Omaha, NE)

UNO Student Art Exhibition (Juried), 2007 (UNO, Omaha, NE)

UNO Student Art Exhibition (Juried), 2008 (UNO, Omaha, NE)

OAA Presents: The Closing Bell, 2008 (AIM Institute, Omaha, NE)

OAA Presents: WOME, 2008 (Caffeine Dreams, Omaha, NE)

OAA Presents: The Faux Show, 2008 (The Bemis Underground, Omaha, NE)

UNO Student Art Exhibition (Juried), 2009 (UNO, Omaha, NE)

UNO BFA Thesis Exhibition, Spring 2009, (UNO, Omaha, NE)

The Ventilator Gallery, 2010, (UNO, Omaha, NE)

OAA Presents: Blue Print (Juried), 2010, (Arc Studios, Omaha, NE)

Awards & Honors

The National Dean's List

UNO's Dean's List : Fall 2004 - Spring 2005, Spring 2006 - Spring 2009

UNO's Chancellor's List: Fall 2004 - Spring 2005, Spring 2007, Spring 2008-Fall 2008

High Artistic Distinction, UNO Student Art Exhibition, Juried Show, 2007

Houseman, Helen Art Scholarship

Whitmore, Eugene Memorial Scholarship

Mengedoht-Hatz Memorial Scholarship

College of Communication, Fine Arts & Media: Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Studio Art 2008-2009

Related Experience, etc.

The Organization for the Advancement of the Arts, Vice President, August 2007-Spring 2009

Gallery Assistant, UNO Art Gallery August 2007- December 2007, August 2008- Spring 2009

Sculpture Lab Technician, UNO Department of Art and Art History, January 2007- May 2007

Native American student poetry slam, workshop coordinator, volunteer and judge, 2006 (UNO, Omaha, NE)

Addressing Issues of Race in Women's Studies, panel coordinator and speaker, Malcolm X Festival 2006 (UNO, Omaha, NE)

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